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Computer Research Center
Computer Research Center aka CRC is an IT Training Institution that has been focusing on various goals in Information Technology. Since its first launch in India in 1989, it has trained various goal oriented human resources resulting in highly profiled service-oriented individuals. We have been providing REAL TIME Training for the students and teachers in this field. Someone with work, knowledge or guidance quest, we fulfill it based in individual requirements.
Since 1989 we have been providing ever encouraging packages to keep the students up and high in desire and potential. Human weakness in persistence is well sentiment here by providing real in field problem and solutions. We have provided all kinds of scripting and addon goodies for all kinds of available technologies. Our professionals have had Realtime hurdles and had resolved all those issues by segregating many types of issues with appropriate solution. CRC had provided training in high level and low-level languages like C and Assembly languages. Low level device drivers and mid-level scripting languages had worked best in speed and feature rich automation.
CRC had proven record in providing the most relevant solutions. There had been times when conventional training demand was at the peak (1990-1996), programming demands (1994-2006) and scripting languages times (pro Y2K) when CRC had effectively provided solution at commercial and non-commercial levels.
The golden tradition laid out by CRC includes fine grained control on computer processes and tasks by means of scripting and programming. High level of supermix of computer features enabled CRC to attract the scholars to have their input speak for them.
In the past we had covered most programming languages and interpreters. Currently we are covering any data level requirements as a special offering to the communities. In Canada we are providing on job support as well. This ensures that our ready to work resources have a higher-level confidence in providing precise services to the employers.
The daring part of CRC performance had been a reputation and courage to provide support at all levels of computer software training. Current offerings starting Vaisakhi (April the Khalsa heritage Month) will include 5 databases and their certification tracks.
The foremost attraction is The CRC Advantage with the flavour of special type of Research and Test labs that are maintained cooperatively by Research, Developemnt and Training departments. These labs are operated and maintained by cutting edge technologies and senior in-field resources professionally trained team members.
This includes a playground type of development environment supported by a Test Labs management team that are available with 24 hours tech support facility.
To help the scholars gain utmost comfort and confidence, CRC allows membership options with none or minimal subscription charges. This provision has been designed purely with the focus of enabling CRC Scholars to test and design their dream applications.
CRC is currently offering training and support at various levels to the resources. As of April 2019, we are offering only online training that subsequently will be extended to in-class and online both. The special features of our offerings include but not limited to the below:
1) Training Resources from bottom up (Starter).
2) Training at conventional software courses (Conventional IT Courses).
3) Training at in-field experience level (Practical on Job Problem Solving).
4) Guidance at specific category job hunting (ever changing with employer requirements).
5) On job support – 30 days support offered (this support is providedat individual level to a starter by senior level experts).
6) Stay-In-Touch (SIT) and Member-In-Touch (MIT) membershipsavailable for active IT pros.
7) Data Center and Database Administration Facility (Available Now).
The Confidence
Every resource that goes out to serve IT community must have the confidence. We access the confidence level of Ready-To-Serve resource and recommend appropriate levels for job hunting and making commitments with various companies. CRC provides this service at no cost. Some additional (add-on) skills may be required for some individuals that may cost at comfort level. Most students get additional free In-Lab time to re-build their self-confidence.
The CRC Guarentee
Unlike many other training gimmicks in the market, CRC guarantees our scholars to educate the students on the market trend and providing guidance and support additionally. We do not support advertisements like giving you jobs or hiring shortcuts. Rather, we have you face the market yourself and stand by you to attain your level, jobs and/work assignments.
Still, there may be the times when any specific categories (Currently DBA skill) where market gets in high demand situation, CRC has proven fast track training and hiring for such specific skill. CRC is well bound to the students’ and employers’ interests professionally to supply top quality resources to the employers.
In some Canadian provinces the training cost is covered by the government to help IT placements. In such cases CRC may suggest training in specific provinces with promises to serve that province IT market if such provision is availed.
The Extras at CRC
Major attractive job market advertisements will be discussed regularly to keep our scholars maintain their interest in the job hiring trends. CRC will make their finest effort to eliminate time killers to support conservative and dedicated students. Despite the hardworking culture at CRC, we will support some extra-curricular activities like game development and mobile app developmet efforts for the CRC community. Over the time CRC teams will arrange technical tours to some active companies and groups in similar fields and side skill categories.
For extra caring elements of the CRC community, the test & development lab servers and systems will be made available upon request. The additional charges may apply to control abuse of the facilty and to allow genuine and deserving scholars.
For others who simply want to stay up-to-date, costless membership is available so that the updates are being sent until any scholars sign out at their sole option. Such memberships will be limited to keep the systems in good health.
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