Introduction to Hadoop

RDBMS vs Hadoop Ecosystem tour (9 products) Vendor comparison (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon EMR) Hardware Recommendations

HDFS: File System details

Heartbeats Rack awareness

Hands-on on Hadoop machine?

Introduction to Hadoop FS and Processing Environments UIs How to read and write files Basic Unix commands for Hadoop Hadoop FS shell Hadoop releases practical Hadoop daemons practical?

Hive Warehouse (Introduction to Hive Warehouse and Differentiation between SQL based Datawarehouse and Hive) Level-1 (Basics)

Hive Introduction Meta storage and meta store Hive Data types HQL DDL, DML and sub languages of Hive Internal , external and Temp tables in Hive Differentiation between SQL based Data Warehouse and Hive?

Hive Level-2 (Complex)

Hive releases Why Hive is not best solution for OLTP OLAP in Hive Partitioning Bucketing Hive Architecture Hue Interface for Hive Complex Use cases in Hive Hive Advanced Assignment Real time scenarios of Hive POC on Pig and Hive , With real time data sets and problem statements

Map Reduce Level-1 (Basics)

How Map Reduce works as Processing Framework ? End to End execution flow of Map Reduce job Different tasks in Map Reduce job Why Reducer is optional while Mapper is mandatory? Introduction to Combiner Introduction to Partitioner POC based on Pig, Hive, HDFS, MR

NOSQL Databases and Introduction to HBase Level-1 (Basics)

Introduction to NOSQL Why NOSQL if SQL is in market since several years Databases in market based on NOSQL OLTP Solutions with different capabilities Which Nosql based solution is capable to handle specific requirements Examples of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other clients who are using NOSQL based databases HBase Architecture of column families

Map Reduce Advanced and HBase Level-2 (Complex)

Introduction to HBase Introduction to other NOSQL based data models Drawbacks of Hadoop Why Hadoop can't work for real time processing HBase table and column family structure HBase versioning concept HBase flexible schema HBase Advanced

Zookeeper and SQOOP

Introduction to Zookeeper How Zookeeper helps in Hadoop Ecosystem How to load data from Relational storage in Hadoop Sqoop basics Sqoop practical implementation Sqoop alternative Sqoop connector Quick revision of previous classes to fill the gap in your understanding and correct understandings

Flume , Oozie and YARN

How to load data in Hadoop that is coming from web server or other storage without fixed schema How to load unstructured and semi structured data in Hadoop Introduction to Flume

How to load Twitter data in HDFS using Hadoop

Introduction to Oozie Hadoop releases ntroduction to YARN Significance of YARN?

Hue, Hadoop Releases comparison, Hadoop Real time scenarios Level-2 (Complex)?

Introduction to Hue Real time Hadoop usage Real time cluster introduction Hadoop real time project Real time problems and frequently faced errors with solution

SPARK and Scala Level-1 (Basics)

Introduction to Spark Why Spark demand is increasing in market How can we use Spark with Hadoop Eco System Datasets for practice purpose

SPARK and Scala Level-2 (Complex)

Spark use cases with real time scenarios