1. Creation and installation of database.

2. Basic Oracle Architecture

Architecture Overview Database Structures Process Structures Memory Structures ? SGA Memory Structures ? PGA Alternative Configurations CDB and PDB

3. Oracle Database Files

Basic Structures of an Oracle RDBMS Data Files Redo Log Files Archived Redo Log Files Control Files Oracle-Managed Files (OMF)

4.Starting and Stopping the Database

Connecting as a Privileged User Password file authentication Starting a Database Shutting Down a Database Reading the Alert Log / Trace Files SPFILE / Parameter management

5.How Space is Physically Consumed

Basic Definitions Blocks and Extents Multiplexing Control Files

6.How Space is Logically Consumed

Introduction to Segments Managing Undo Segments Automatic Undo Management Managing Data Segments Managing Index Segments Monitoring Database segments

7.Managing Tablespaces - Default behavior of CREATE TABLESPACE command

Tablespace Overview System Tablespace Types of Tablespaces Creating additional tablespaces Altering Tablespaces Temporary Tablespaces - Default Temporary Tablespaces Tablespace Quotas Monitoring Tablespaces

8.Grid Configuration and ASM

9.Users and Security

Managing Database Users System / Object Privileges Managing Roles / Profiles Resource and Password Management


Statement Level Object Level Fine grained